Rice bran oil is extracted through solvent extraction process which involves continuous circulation of a suitable solvent like normal hexane in an extractor in order to produce miscella. It is thereafter subjected to steam distillation to separate oil from the volatile solvent (hexane) which is recirculated for extracting oil. The residual oil in the oil cake is desolventized by heating, thereby producing deoiled cake. The production process for solvent extraction of rice bran involves the following steps:-

1. Shifting the bran after removing impurities like rice straw, stone etc.

2. Cooking of the bran at a temperature of 120 degree Celsius with the help of steam to kill harmful enzyme like lyphase which splits the oil into free fatty acids, harmful for edible purpose.

Palletizing of the cooked bran in conventional shape suitable for extraction.

Cooling of the pallets prior to extraction.

Feeding of the pallets into extractor.

Extraction of the oil with normal hexane to produce miscella and oil cake.

Distillation of the miscella to produce crude rice bran oil, thereby separating normal hexane which will be recirculated.

Desolventization of the oil cake to produce Deoiled Cake.

Rice bran oil

Rice bran is an agricultural waste obtained in the processing of paddy in modern rice mills, which in turn is a potential source of rice bran oil since the bran contains more than 20% of oil. This product has gained popularity as an edible oil amongst the vegetable oil. The boosting factors behind its popularity is that it is found to have tremendous cholesterol lowering and therapeutically capabilities.A component of rice bran oil is the antioxidant γ-oryzanol, at around 2% of crude oil content.

DORB Grade-1

Deoiled rice bran(DORB) cake, obtained as a bye-product of crude oil extraction, is used in production of cattle and poultry feed. Both these products are intermediate agro products for ultimate production of refined rice bran oil and cattle/poultry feed.A moderate protein, high energy feed ingredient for the animal feed industry, particularly used for the increased rate of growth of young animals.Ideal for feeding animals with colic problems, since the fibre content acts as a medicine.

DORB Grade-2

Deoiled Rice Bran is actually derived from the outer layer of rice, which contains many significant nutrients. Manufactured from Bran of the best quality, our Deoiled Rice Bran is filtered through many stages to give free-flowing, pure composition. The process of extracting and de-oiling of the Bran is undertaken by us using the latest machinery to ensure a homogenous mixture that is free from any impurity. Economical yet rich in Amino Acid, methonine, cystine and Lysine, used as high fibre ingredient.